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Lets Break The Lipstick Rules! 

Create fuller lips without surgery with our revolutionary two tone, Collagen infused lipstick. Experience the luxury of having it all in one show stopping lipstick to keep your lips at their dreamiest. A delicious creamy texture with sheer high pigments, your lips will instantly look cushiony full and be supremely soft and hydrated all day long. Sleekly portable in this easy to use, one touch, glide on case, its never been easier to have plump, beautiful lips. Be all that you are and more.


6 Benefits In 1 Irresistible Lipstick

  • Two Tone 3D Colour triangles provide the perfect angle to create the illusion of fuller lips instantly. 
  • Lightweight Gel Lipstick
  • Subtle Long Lasting Lip Stain
  • Collagen Lip Plumper – Instant Inflation
  • Sun Protection – Natural Minerals
  • Anti-ageing – Balm Like Hydration - Stops dry lips 


Ideal for all ages and skin colours, each tone has been carefully selected to be flattering for all and be right on trend! You will not be able to stop at one – collect them all!!


Key Natural Ingredients:

  • Plant Squalane
  • French Vanilla
  • Collagen Microspheres Fill, Plump & Hydrate 

Dehydrated collagen microspheres will rehydrate in the presence of water in the skin and balloon upto 10 times their initial volume to plump up the lips and cause an almost immediate smoothing of the lips.


The smoothing effect increases with time as the collagen microspheres are slowly broken down by enzymes in the skin they then slowly release the water initially taken up to further hydrate the lips. 


Contains no nasties: Talc. Parabens. Alcohol. SLS. Gluten. Lanolin. Petrolatum

100% Cruelty Free


Inspiration from our founder Irene:

10 years ago I wanted to create a lipstick ,that would give the same effect in seconds,that it takes makeup up artists much time and a series of blending with 2-4 colours at once, but the technology hadn’t been created at that time!

 I kept that idea alive in my head for years and now Maxi-Tone is born! We can create this amazing 3D effect for cushiony lips! Plus I have added Collagen Filling microspheres and plant hydrators so you can keep your lips full and moist all day long. Join our lipstick revolution and try Maxi-Tone today!


Mirenesse is a fully Australian-owned company; our products are all cruelty-free and come with the peace of mind of 30 years’ of pharmaceutical research, we combine the best of Mother Nature with Clinically Proven active ingredients to give you the best results possible!


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