The Summer Hair Survival Guide

Posted on February 02 2018

The summer is well and truly upon us! With all the perks of the season (beach days, weekend getaways and trendy sundresses) come some real beauty challenges during the season, and post-season: Faded hair colour, dry split-ends and don’t get us started on frizz. Chlorine, UV rays, heat styling and the intolerable humidity can wreak havoc on your hair. Now, we’re not advising you to ditch the pool party or your exotic beach getaway- just be prepared for it! Here are 3 tips to ensure your hair is healthy, nourished and glowing all summer long:

Turn Down the Frizz Factor

You might have healthy, voluminous hair all year, but once the heat comes around, your hair feels dry and frizzy! This is usually due to humidity and exposure to sun and chlorine that can strip your hair of its natural oils. The good news is that the cure is as simple as investing in some deep conditioning products. Our Fanola Restructuring Mask is ideal for sun-damaged hair, as it will carry out nourishing and detangling action. We advise you to introduce a leave-in conditioner for your post-shower routine to ensure that your hair is hydrated before you style (or return to the sizzling sun). Our Fanola Nutricare Leave In Conditioner is the perfect remedy for frizzy hair. It contains milk proteins and Linseed Oil that achieve intense hydration without weighing your hair down. The best part? It smells divine!

Eliminate Split-Ends

The ends of your hair tend to be the most damaged part and if you’re someone who’s guilty of going months without a trim, you’ll understand that split ends are a formidable enemy. They make your hair look unhealthy, frizzy and incredibly dry. While the only method of truly banishing your split ends is trimming your hair, we have the perfect products to treat them. Our Fanola Restructuring Cream For Split Ends will help to seal your hair cuticles with a filming, anti-frizz action so that your hair is repaired and prevented from developing split-ends. If you’re looking for a product to rid your hair of its dry appearance, the Fanola Nutricare Restructuring Spray Mask is your ultimate go-to! Apart from nourishing your hair instantly, it will enhance your hair colour and texture leaving your locks ready for the party!

Tone Brassy Hair Colour

Colour vibrancy is what summer is all about— especially when it comes to hair! Maintaining your hair colour can come as a real challenge throughout the season (shout out to the victims of brassy hair) so it’s vital that you change up your hair routine. If you’re a blonde, it’s time to amp up your purple shampoo usage. We advise using the Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. This product was voted the number 1 most powerful blonde toning shampoo and it’s no surprise! This revolutionary shampoo will act like a toner, replacing yellow tones to luscious golden hair. If you’re looking for something for darker blonde or brown tones, the No Orange Shampoo is suitable for darker shades. It will gently cleanse and neutralise your copper reflections, leaving your hair shiny and hydrated! Introduce these products to your hair regime and you’ll have your hair colourist convinced you’re seeing someone else!


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