Maintaining Blonde Beauty

Posted on June 28 2018

Some are ever so lucky to be able to pull off a drastic colour change, specifically if you go from mocha brown to platinum blonde. Yes, your hair may look fabulous while walking out of the salon, but then what? When it comes to managing colours such as blonde, it does take a fair bit of effort and maintenance. No one likes brassy blonde hair, but its super easy to get to that stage and completely fall off the wagon. But don’t get your hair all up in a knot because we have constructed a guide in order to care for your golden luscious locks with the help of our secret weapon sold here at Glamour Fairy.

Avoiding certain routines can often be the best thing for you, such as washing your hair way too often, using certain oils and and overuse of heat through straightening or curling irons.

Here are a few tips for caring for blonde hair:

Coconut Oil

We for sure owe a huge thank you to Kim K. When she stepped out as platinum blonde, she came with some advice as well. According to Kim (and the rest of the world), coconut oil is a saving grace for hair. It’s wealth in vitamins, minerals and other nutritious properties keeps your hair strong and shiny and healthy looking. This is great if you have breakage or if your hair sheds quite a bit. The Perfecting Hair Mask by Muddy Body is one of our favourite picks for a coconut rich treatment, that will help with hydration, repair and maintenance.

After Care

Once you step out of the salon it is essential to take extra responsibility to preserve your colour for as long as you can until your next appointment. Depending on your style of blonde (whether it’s ombre, platinum or subtle highlights) every care routine will differ. As a general overview, here are some tips and products to consider when maintaining your flawless new shade:

  • Avoid washing your hair often: If you wash your hair often, you strip the essential oils, as well as run the risk of drying out hair, that can lead to breakage and split ends
  • Using too much heat: The bleach to achieve blonde hair is damaging enough, so by using too much heat on your hair, you can dry it out and even burn it
  • Use a hair mask to restore damaged hair: Whether in-chair or take-home, hair masks have many advantages as they have the most effective ingredients to help restore your hair to the best possible state. One of the greatest products for this is the 18 in 1 Blonde Intense Blue Treatment Mask.  

Beat the Brass

We have saved this until last. If you find your blonde turning a bit brassy, don’t stress! One of the greatest treatments for this is purple shampoo! If you have purple shampoo you can say bye-bye to brass. The specially formulated shampoo is a great way to combat unwanted tones and leave your hair with the right tone you were aiming for. As a fun fact, the reason why purple shampoo is the best thing for blonde is because on the colour spectrum, purple is the direct opposite shade to yellow. This means, that when the purple pigments in the shampoo are immersed by the follicles, they cancel out any the tones of yellow within your hair. Our Fanola No Yellow Shampoo and Mask Kit is our number one go to! For the best results, use every time you wash your hair, before conditioning, or if you want to soften the pigment mix, you can even blend it in with your conditioner.


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