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Posted on April 19 2018

What is a makeup look without voluminous and lengthy lashes?! Our eyes are the windows to the soul so we of course have to find the right curtains, being our luscious lashes. However, us girls are always finding ourselves between a lash and a hard place. We always struggle to choose what lash to wear for when. Luckily “Lilly Lashes” has a plethora of lash styles that we can choose from! And the best part about them? You can reuse them up to 25 times provided they are taken care of as directed. The struggle of choosing the appropriate lash style is probably equivalent to choosing what nail colour you're going to choose next. We feel your pain ladies, that’s why we have a 7-day rule for 7 days of lash love.


  • Okay, so it’s Monday, alarm went off early and you’re probably spending half the day with your eyes half closed. So the way to go about this is; first curl your lashes to open up your eyes. Then it’s time to unleash the Goddess in you. These lashes are perfect for a Monday as they are subtle, feminine and cast a touch of sophistication to your look. They certainly are a fan favourite and can never go wrong.

  • Tuesday

    Tuesday is probably the hardest day of the week. It’s a little ease as you’ve overcome the struggle Monday and are enroute to Wednesday- we all know once you’ve passed hump day, you see the light at the end of the tunnel. This why it’s time to Tease. Tease is a wispy & subtle set of lashes but it casts a sultry effect while increasing the depth of your lashes which can contrast your eye colour immaculately.


    On Wednesdays we wear Luxe. This style of lashes is perfect for date night, that mid-week catch up or movie night, reason being it’s not a dramatic lash, it’s designed to just enhance your eyes by making it look effortless. Another bonus for this set is that its add that something extra to your look like slight depth and volume.  But if by any chance you think it’s a bit too subtle for your liking you can always stack them to make them look fuller, but still allowing them to look light.


    It’s Friday Jr. so that means we can lash it up . Thursday night is THE night where you and the girls can catch up over a glass of Shiraz and complain with no shame. The best lash for this one is of course Miami. The set Miami is another favourite as it also works as the perfect flirtation device- designed to be seductive and fluttery given its extra length.


    The long awaited day of Friday! Now, Fridays are for celebrating the survival of another rollercoaster of a week, so it’s the perfect opportunity to let your hair down, and bolden up your lashes. This calls for a night on the town in Sydney. Sydney is a lash made in heaven. This set is a transformer of glamour. They are strong, sexy and bold.


    Hey, Hey it’s Saturday! Saturdays are for glam, parties and memorable nights out. This is where we take a trip down to memory lane… in Mykonos. Mykonos is the perfect combination of volume and depth accessorised by a full but flirty finish. This set is has the perfect amount of fullness that there's no need to stack them. One and done!


    It’s Sunday, and it’s time for a nice brunch or a Sunday Funday adventure. It’s a time to shine, and this is where we wear pretty frocks and Diamonds. This set is perfect to open up your eyes and add that flare and subtly. In true Sunday spirit, they’re natural looking and ultra-fine.

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