How to find the right blush for your skin tone

Posted on October 06 2015

The right blush can warm up your complexion, create the illusion of cheekbones, and even make you look younger. (Yes, really!) Here, the most flattering shades for fair, medium, olive, and dark skin.

Fair Skin Tone Fair skinned beauties, don't get carried away; a soft pink, peach or light coral will enhance your porcelain skin just right. The key is light application. Too much product, or the use of saturated hues, will create a harsh finish reminiscent of Rocky Horror Picture Show's Dr. Frank-N-Furter. Avoid a stage makeup faux pas when you select the right formula of blush for a natural, flushed cheek finish.
Medium Skin Tone Similar to your fair skinned friends, pinks and peaches are your best bet. You’ll want to take these colors a step further by applying a deeper shade of each. A rich pink, and even certain shades of mauve, will leave you with a dramatic edge–especially when you apply blush on all the right spots. Bonus tip, stray away from blush colors that have a bluish undertone–if your skin tone isn’t right on point, you’ll be left with what looks like slightly bruised cheeks. Dark Skin Tone Deep shades of red, orange and brown are the ideal blush colors for those with dark skin. These colors, unlike light powder pinks, will leave you looking radiant instead of washed out. Try a fuchsia (think dark radiant orchid) if your skin tone tends to be warmer; a bold tangerine if it is cooler. By targeting the apples of your cheeks with a vibrant swipe of one of these shades you’ll be left with a daring effect even your granny can get behind.


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