Handbag Beauty Essentials

Posted on May 16 2018

Ladies, you should always be prepared for any situation that is thrown at you, ready to look your best. I’m sure all of you want to look amazing all day long, but let’s face it…nothing lasts forever. Your handbag shouldn’t only be filled with scrunched up receipts and some loose change, but rather a beauty companion that will have you sorted out for your day ahead. Now we’re not telling you to carry your whole makeup bag, rather be smart and carry the essentials that are worth having on hand.

Luscious Lashes

Mascara is one of our number one handbag beauty essentials being the secret weapon to make you look like you are ready for the day. Having long, luscious lashes are always the best way to make you look fierce and flawless. It is a great touch up product to throw in your handbag, weather you’ve forgotten to put it on in the morning or simply need to add more throughout the day. Some of our favourites are the La Girl - Mascara Fibre Lash which instantly adds volume, giving you a false lash look without all the trouble. Mirenesse  Original secret weapon 24hr mascara is also a great one to stock up on, being a winner of 13 best mascara awards. It lengthens, thickens and curls lashes while nourishing them!

Slay all day

Gerard Slay All Day Setting Spray is a makeup must-have for your handbag. The name says it all. This setting spray helps keep your makeup looking flawless for hours. If you are ever feeling drab throughout the day, this spray will help refresh and cool your full face of makeup. It is the perfect product to revitalise your skin whilst keeping all the product in place. The 30mL size is amazing to keep in your handbag ready to slay your day!

Love your lips

I’m sure many of you already have 20 lipsticks lingering in the bottom of your handbag. It is one item many girls like to have heaps of. But if that’s not you, it's okay! We think lipstick is key to complete a makeup look and essential for your handbag. You will always find a reason to retouch throughout the day, especially after an amazing burger! It is an item where you can pop on to change your whole look, or simply just add an extra spark. The Gerard Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Nude is one that we love. It is such a versatile colour to keep in your bag which flatters just about any skin tone. This liquid lipstick is so comfortable you don’t even realise you have anything on!

Conceal yourself

Concealer is super important to keep in your handbag. This is great on hand to hide dark circles, imperfections, redness and blemishes. The best ones are definitely those with an applicator. Both the LA Girl HD Pro Concealer and Mirenesse - touch on concealer have an applicator, making it perfect to use on the go. With creamy and lightweight textures, these products are great to hide any blemish that may spring up on you during the day.


Cream up

Your skin should always be moisturised with the right cream. Having a multi functional cream in your handbag is always essential. This can be applied anywhere from your hands, elbows or even chapped lips. It will help keep your skin smooth, soft and prepped for the day. A great one to have is, The Chemistry Brand - Hand Chemistry cream which comes in a 30mL bottle perfect to keep in your bag. It evens, brightens and smooths out your skin instantly.

Time to start sorting out your handbag with our beauty must haves!


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