Colour correcting makeup

Posted on April 21 2016

Colour correcting has been around for years, any trained makeup artist would learn the basics at makeup school & now with online tutorials becoming increasingly popular, colour correcting has become the next craze.

Mastering the art of concealer has a lot to do with understanding the basics of colour correction. You know how I’m saying makeup is an art form? Well, remember learning about the colour wheel in elementary school art class?  Way back when, we learned how colours directly across from another cancels the other out. For instance, red is directly across from green on the colour wheel.

The colour green will neutralize the colour red, which is why green concealer works best to cover red acne blemishes. By simply referring to the colour wheel, you’ll better understand how to make those annoying problem areas vanish. Now that we got our art lesson for the day out of the way, let’s move on to discuss the uses for which each colour concealer is best suited.

KEY RULE WITH PURE PIGMENT CONCEALERS – use these under foundation as you would need to cover the pigment or you’ll look like a clown.

Green Green neutralises red which is why it’s perfect for skin breakouts, sunburn and even rosacea, the green will reduce redness and give an even toned base for flawless foundation application.

Orange If you have dark skin, you can use orange to disguise anything from acne scars to hyperpigmentation around the lips and also the colour of choice for correcting blue-toned under eye circles on medium to dark skin.

Yellow Are perfect for purple tones like bruises and dark circles under the eyes Purple Purple, lavender, or lilac correctors eliminate unwanted yellow undertones in fair skin to make it significantly brighter and more glow-y Neutral Concealers: If you’re one of the lucky ones that doesn’t have too many problem areas to hide, this will work fine for you.

Any regular concealer should work to veil little imperfections or the occasional pimple. Just choose a shade similar to your skin tone, or one shade lighter, and you’re all set. This is also the best kind of concealer to use as a primer for making your lipstick last all day and night.


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