Anastasia Brows Tips

Posted on October 09 2015

“Perfect brows will refresh and brighten and open the eyes for a fresher younger and instant face lift”


The Ombre brow

Step 1 Measure from the inside crease of the nose up and make a slight mark, when holding your Anastasia stencil make sure the brow is inside your shape and hold firmly to avoid smudging. Apply Anastasia Brow Powder Duo darker side of powder, 1cm into the brow with strong strokes following down to the tail on the bottom row of the brow. Step 2 Blend the lighter and darker side of your Anastasia Duo Powder back to the beginning of the brow where you have made your original measurement. Blend through to the top of the brow to join into the stronger tone to fill your Arch and the tail. Alternately Anastasia has dip brow and this can also be used for the ombré brow using the same concept, however apply Dipbrow from your hand not the pot for more control. Dipbrow is a high fashion waterproof and smudge proof pomade. Step 3 For an accentuated defined look use Brow Wiz also perfect to fill any gaps or holes. This slim pencil creates precise lines for a beautiful strong elegant finish. Step 4 Apply one coat of Anastasia Clear Brow Gel, using upward strokes to lift the Brow hairs to widen and neaten the brow and blend your Anastasia Brow Powder Duo for a perfect Ombre’ finish. Anastasia brow gel also comes in tinted tones for touch ups and a more dense finish Step 5 For lift and an elegant profile apply Anastasia Duality highlighter this will define the finish of your perfect brow and gives a 3D affect. Lightly apply the matte end of your Anastasia Duality aligning around the brow for coverage and a clean defined finish, apply the shimmer end of your Duality Highlighter above the eye and follow the tail to lift the brow and open the eye Step 6 Lastly use a 2nd coat of Anastasia Clear Brow Gel to set, blend and finish your beautiful Ombre’ Brow fashion finish. You will have perfect brows all day every day.


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